Modular Kitchen

“Kitchens should be designed around what’s really important: fun, food and life.”

Your dream kitchen is powered by integrating some of the reputed brands such as Hettich, Haffle, Grass, Olive to ensure smooth operational experience. The special design team ensures optimum space utilization, practicality and functionality of the kitchen all as per your needs. With trained installation team, we ensure an excellent final product with the most contemporary feel and look.

Our Process

Making it simple


An idea of your budget and the scope of the project is the very first thing that would help us in offering you the best kitchen. Do you want to restructure or have new kitchen? Do you have a particular design or finish in your mind? Are you going to purchase new appliances or keep what you currently have? What would you like to change in your current layout? We will assist you in making the best decisions for your ideas and budget.


To ensure this superior experience, we will first understand your needs and customise products and services to your taste. Whether it is your particular storage need or aesthetic consideration, we will offer solutions that will address these needs and present samples of products to showcase the functionality, colour and style options.


After being truly satisfied with the range and options, on site measurements will be taken for clear understanding of actual challenges.


Once the measurements are obtained based on our discussions, layout and design options along with the estimate will be presented. We know how passionate you are about your kitchens so changes and iterations will keep on happening till what you have in your mind is not on paper. Our dedicated designers compose customized kitchen designs to fulfil all your needs of functionality, aesthetics, durability and economy. Computer aided designs will give you the complete look and feel of your DREAM kitchen.


Once the drawing is finalised, the skilled team at factory will be on to processing the kitchen with the help of state of art machinery. Every job is different and what SURFACES excels at is project management. Most projects are completed in couple of weeks with just 1-3 days of onsite installation of factory made kitchen. Larger and designer kitchens may take a week more depending upon the complexity.


With the skilled and professionally trained installation team, every minute detail is taken care of. And there you are with a functionally efficient and stylish DREAM KITCHEN